Sunday, May 15, 2011

Why are We Re-Discovering the Magic?

Let me be the first to welcome you to Re-Discovering the Magic! My name is Rick and I run the United States of Geekdom which is an all geek topics centric podcast. We are not here to talk about that show however. We are here to talk about this Disney podcast that will be released very soon

Why a Disney Podcast?

I always wanted to do a Disney Podcast but not fall into the trap of where we only talk about the parks and nothing else.  This is a limited ten episode run where we will be discussing (for the most part) the movies that are the 51 animated films to come out of Disney Feature Animation.

What about Pixar, Disneytoon Studios, and movies that have animation witth live action?

I am not referring to the stuff from Pixar, Disneytoon Studios and the stop motion animated stuff.  we are only talking about stuff like Snow White, The Lion King, Pinocchio, Meet the Robinsons, Tangled, and many more that make up the 51 films that have been put out by Feature Animation.  We will be discussing five movies per episode except for our second episode where we will be discussing six and with good reason that will be explained when we get there.   Tell you what, if the show is well received enough, we'll do more than just the ten.

How often are the episodes coming out?
Once a month.

Who will be on the show?
Glad you asked!  Myself and Jacque are the two primary hosts, BUT we will be joined by our friends from other podcasts like the Muppetcast, The Film Thugs, The Midnight Movie Cowboys, Sassycast, and yes, even United States of Geekdom!  This is a collaborative effort and we all passionately love Disney Feature Animation because quite frankly, no one else does it better.

Why the title?

As adults, we have grown away from what made us have fun. We have lost certain aspects of our lives that used to be essential parts of what allowed us to have fun. We have lost that magic as it were. We have become hard and cynical toward life. With good reason because work, school, and life in general tend to do that to us as adults. Part of that magic that we have lost is Disney stuff. Most if not all of us grew up on Disney. We went to the parks, we watched their shows, and most importantly, we watched the movies.  This is our way of re-discovering the magic and getting back in touch with our less cynical selves.  Please come and join us on this journey!

When does the first episode come out?
Episode 0 will be out later this week and then Episode 1 will be out sometime in June.