Friday, August 5, 2011

Update on That Elusive First Episode!

Hey there Geeketeers, Rick here with an update on what is going on with the first episode of the show. 

I first sincerely apologize that the show did not come out when it was supposed to.  Several delays on getting the show recorded in the first place happened up to and including the departure of the person who was going to be my co-host, Jacque.  Life tends to get in the way sometimes and with me this was no exception.  But with certain problems out of the way, I am now ready to hit the ground running!

Having said that, I am looking for a new regular co-host to anyone who interested.  Until then, I will continue with who I have in place in terms of a rotating cast of people who will be joining me for a good portion of the episodes.  I am still looking for more people to join the show however as we have some episodes where it will be just me rambling on my own and that is just not fun.

Anyway, the first episode...

Here is the good news.  The show is cut, balanced, in the can, and ready to go.  The sound quality is excellent and this is the hardest I have ever worked on a podcast ever.  Here is the bad news.  I have this rash that has been bugging me and ...oh wait, you wanted to hear about the show.  Um, there is no bad news.

Rediscovering the Magic was originally intended to be a show where we take a serious reverential look at the Disney animated movies. It has evolved into something more that I never expected but anticipated.  There is quite a bit of snark.  Remember, we are adults discussing the movies so there will be quite a bit of irreverrence.  Don't worry, it's not South Park filthy, it is more in the vein of Simpsons in terms of how adult we get with our humor.  Think something along the vein of WDW Fanboys That said, it is a fun show, and I do hope that you join me in this personal journey though all 51 Disney Animated movies.

Here are the movies we are discussing...
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

And here is who will be joining me in this first episode....
Cole Houston from and the United States of Geekdom
Stuart Baulk from The Midnight Movie Cowboys and also a frequent guest and collablrator on United States of Geekdom
Hunter Duesing from The Midnight Movie Cowboys  and his own site The Movie Man Cave.

My sincerest thanks to these three individuals for all their help in helping usher this show out the gate.  It is my hope that you who hear the show, find something to enjoy and help me get the word out about Rediscovering the Magic.

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