Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rediscovering the Magic Episode 6: Oliver and Company to Aladdin

Welcome to Rediscovering the Magic, the Disney show that will take you on a journey through all 51 current films from Disney Animation....with a little snarkiness and irreverence thrown in for good measure.

Here are the movies we are discussing and these movies are very special to a cretain generation, mine included because these came out at just the right time for us. These movies are: Oliver and Company, The Little Mermaid, The Rescuers Down Under, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin. 

This episode I am joined by my panel of co-hosts, Benjamin Walser, Krystle Woodard, and Jim Dirkes bring their unique perspectives to the table for one fun filled episode.  Unfortunately, Roy could not make the episode because he was experiencing technical difficulties.  Next episode, Roy and Ben will be back and we will be joined by.....well, you will just have to wait and listen!  Enjoy this episode and remember to relive, relearn, rediscover the magic that is Disney! 

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